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The elements take their toll on your paint, but they also can weaken your siding and other materials. The right exterior paint job will restore and protect your investment.

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We’ll help you create an environment that you love with non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints and finishes that fit your family’s lifestyle — or your company’s clientele. Learn more.

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Our Story

The “Coast to Coast” name stems from satisfied customers: After Lewis Johnson moved to Seattle, they regularly flew him back to Pennsylvania to keep painting for them.

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"We've used a small number of painters over the last 20 years on our 1920's house on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  But for the last 10, for interior and exterior work both, none have served with as much courtesy, attentive listening, proactivity and intelligence as the Coast to Coast Painters.  Recommended without exception."

--MG and JT

Off the Record with Lewis Johnson

Coast to Coast Painting was recently profiled in the Mallory Discover Local Magazine.

"Lewis has never met a stranger. Whether he is at the record store, a Kraken game, or a backyard BBQ, the crowds around him are simply friends he has not yet met."

"In many ways, Coast to Coast is like a boutique shop. 'We are a tight-knit group, like a band. It can take years sometimes to get employees dialed in where everything runs smoothly,' Lewis says."

Creating a new look for any house is easy — just add a fresh coat of paint, inside or out. But at Coast to Coast Painting, our calling is to do more than that: We want to help you transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

We have provided superior-quality interior and exterior painting in the Seattle area since 2003, and while those remain our specialties, we realize that transforming your home often takes a little more than paint. That’s why we offer additional services, including power washing and even minor drywall and wood repair.

With all Coast to Coast services, you can expect immaculate work, performed efficiently by experienced crews. You can expect consistent communication about your project until it’s done. And most important, you can expect to love the look and feel of your home.

Contact us today at (206) 234-1082 or office@ctcpp.com for a free estimate on your home or commercial project. We’re looking forward to painting for you!

"Lewis,  After seeing your men work their butts off, moving ladders every few minutes, painting in unfathomable  places, and being so meticulous, I am so glad I went with you.  I will have a check ready whenever you want it.  I think it is a very fair price for all the work your guys did.  After writing this check, I will look at your estimate for the interior.  I am not worried about it, I just need to do this in stages.  Again I could not be happier with the work.  Let me know when you want to get the check."


Recent Projects

Richmond Beach – Final Push

Big push on our Richmond Beach exterior before rain starts tomorrow. Seasons are changing! A little Sikkins front door action to restore and protect! Scheduling exteriors for Summer 2022 and Interiors for December ‘21 – March 2022!

Richmond Beach – Repainted the Right Way

Okay. You know all that new mod construction that looks really good when it goes up? But then, 2 years go by and the whole place needs to be redone? We are the team you hire to get it done the way it was intended to. Builders use poor products that are quick and cheap.…

Recent Projects

Fine Finish Friday – August 20

Interior project including high-gloss finishes, cabinets, and wallpaper

Fine Finish Friday! A recent garage door restoration

Fine Finish Friday! A recent garage door restoration. Strip, sand, stain, 3 coats of spar varnish. Nice work team! Start Work in progress Almost done Fine finish!  

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"I have used Lewis Johnson's and Coast to Coast Painting Plus' services for the past seven or more years. I can state, without equivocation, that Lewis Johnson's painting company is a first class operation from the beginning of the project through the end. I know Lewis to be an expert painter in both knowledge and skill and it is clear that his employees are being led by example. As a general contractor, it is critical that I am able to effectively communicate with subcontractors and that they can be trusted to deliver what was agreed upon. In all of the various projects that I have used Coast to Coast Painting Plus, my needs were met to my satisfaction, not because Lewis is perfect but because he sincerely cares about his clients and the quality of his craftsmanship.

I am pleased to state that in all of the years I have used Lewis Johnson and Coast to Coast Painting Plus, they have always been my first choice as a painting contractor."

Earl Z.